Best Detox Ever!
Best Detox Ever!

Best Detox Ever!

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Dr. Formulated and Tested over many years. The Best Detox Ever, of Natural and Organic ingredients { A special blend of bitter herbs, Organic Aloe Vera, Senna Leaf, Organic Slippery Elm Bark, Dandelion Root ,Psyllium Husk, Cascara Sagrada ,Organic Milk Thistle, Green Super Foods And Clay} is Designed  and professionally formulated with you in mind. Supports Healthy Weight Loss. Supports Healthy Energy Levels .Supports Digestion , Healthy Bowel Movements and Helps to Eliminate Toxins. 1 teaspoon daily for the selected detox time.  ONE BAG RENDERS ENOUGH POWDER FOR TWO PEOPLE TO ENJOY  A COMPLETE  DETOX FOR THE SELECTED TIME.

Discover Renewed Vitality with Wild Rootz Full Body Detox{ THE BEST DETOX EVER}.

At Wild Rootz, we understand that a healthy body is essential for a vibrant life. Our all-natural Full Body Detox is designed to help you rejuvenate and restore your overall well-being. Here's a comprehensive description of our detox program and why it's essential for you:

Full Body Detox: Your Path to Wellness

Our Full Body Detox is a holistic program that targets every organ and system in your body. We've carefully curated a blend of natural ingredients, herbs, and nutrients to support your body's natural detoxification processes. Here's how it works:

  • Liver and Kidney Support: Our detox program is specifically designed to enhance the function of your liver and kidneys, two critical organs responsible for filtering out toxins and waste from your body.
  • Digestive Health: We provide support for your digestive system, promoting healthy gut flora and ensuring efficient digestion and nutrient absorption.
  • Lymphatic System Cleansing: Our program includes elements that help your lymphatic system remove waste and toxins, improving your immune function and overall vitality.
  • Skin Health: Detoxing can enhance the health and appearance of your skin, as it's an organ of elimination. Clear, radiant skin is often a positive side effect of the detox process.
  • Balanced Metabolism: Our detox promotes metabolic balance, which can aid in weight management and boost your energy levels.
  • Enhanced Mental Clarity: Many individuals experience improved mental clarity, focus, and reduced brain fog during and after our detox program.

Why You Need to Detox Your Body:

Every day, we are exposed to numerous environmental toxins and pollutants, and our diets often contain processed foods with additives and preservatives. Over time, these factors can burden our body's detoxification systems, leading to various health issues. Here's why a full body detox is essential:

  • Reset and Renew: A detox helps your body reset and renew itself, giving you a fresh start.
  • Boosted Immunity: A well-functioning detoxification system bolsters your immune system's ability to defend against illness.
  • Enhanced Energy: Many individuals report increased energy levels and improved vitality following a detox.
  • Improved Digestion: A detox can help restore healthy digestion and nutrient absorption.
  • Mental Clarity: Clearer thinking and improved focus are common benefits of detoxification.
  • Weight Management: Detoxing can be a stepping stone to weight management and better eating habits.

Our Full Body Detox is your ticket to a healthier, more vibrant life. We encourage you to embark on this journey towards renewed well-being, heightened energy, and enhanced vitality. A detox is not just a cleanse; it's an investment in your long-term health and quality of life.

Works Wonders.. VERY- EASY -TO -USE. 

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S S.
United States United States

Great Formula

I don’t ever have to use another detox formula again!!! Let’s cleanse ourselves inside out in a safe and natural way!


aatifa's remedy

Great! Glad you are pleased. Thank you.

United States United States

Thankyou Dr.Aatifa

Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou!! I’ve been using my detox for 2 weeks now and I feel like I’m 22 again!(Im 58 lol)


aatifa's remedy

Nice! Keep up the great work.

Donna J.
United States United States

The BEST hands down!

I have been a customer for over 10 years, I am very thankful that I was introduced to Dr.Aatifa. She gives real advice and great information to help you live a healthier lifestyle. It’s not just about selling the products. About the product; I can honestly say that it works! I’ve tried others but nothing compares to all the benefits I get from the Best Detox. I feel great after taking my detox. This detox never fails me!

United States United States

The Best

Seeing the best detox ever on the label I was a bit skeptical. But after using this detox for 2 weeks I can say this sh** is the real deal. I’ve never felt this good from a detox before and it’s so easy to take.

United States United States

The Best

I really love this Detox